Mars @ Opposition

On Monday July 27, 2018, Mars will be in complete opposition to the Sun. That will bring our red neighbor just 35.8 million miles from us and will be the third brightest object in the night sky as well as close as it's gonna get in 2018. Jully 31st is the actual closet approach but July 27 marks full opposition of Mars.Mars will become 1.8X more bright than Jupiter as it sits shining in the night sky through the transition. A lot is happening right now with Earth's closest neighbors. A full "Buck Moon", "Blood Moon" eclipse will occur during the earlu hours of Sunday the 28th of July. Don't forget the Aquirrid

At this distance Mars will be closer to Earth than in 2003 and won't come near as close to Earth until the year 2050. It's safe to say that if there was a good time to start looking out into the night sky, now would be one of them.

Acquiring astronomical images doe not always require a telescope. Our handheld devices are great stand ins for large objects like the Moon. Follow along on our path through the night skies and discover what we discover! You won't believe what we found out using a remote telescope!


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